Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Horticultural Experience

Every year, the Edmonton Horticultural Society ( has a tour of some award winning gardens.

Until late this week, I'd wasn't even aware that Edmonton had a horticultural society. Fortunately, I have a friend who is much better informed then I. She invited me to participate in the garden tour and we went to several of the featured properties. They were incredible! The amount of time and resources that people dedicate to their gardens is impressive. Naturally, there was an amazing diversity in the flowers and shrubs used. I loved all of the colours - one place must have had 15 variets of day lilies. Another place had calla lilies - I didn't even know that those grew in Alberta!

In additon to the flowers and shrubs, there were some spectacular water features, winding paths, gazebos and more. One person even had a chess board in a corner of the garden. Wow.

One of the most impressive things we saw was the grass at our first stop. I know it sounds silly but this was the most lush, perfect grass I have ever had the pleasure to step on. Seriously, it was actually softer than most carpets.

And while I may not be prepared to dedicate my life and backyard to gardening, I think that there will be a few more flowers in my garden next summer.

I took a few photos today so I'll try and post them soon!


Camille said...

That sounds like fun! I can't wait to have my own garden. Until then I'm collecting all kinds of pictures and ideas. I want a huge flower garden and nice veggie garden too. I'd love to be on one of those tours but we'll see if I can make it that far.