Thursday, July 24, 2008

The perfect treat for a road trip...

Can you guess? You may be thinking fruit, energy bars, or baggies full of pre-cut veggies. However, over the past few days of travel, I have discovered the perfect treat to enjoy while driving...Nibs. That's right, the licorice.
I made this important discovery after a visit to the famous Clareshom 7-11. While buying a bottle of water and a small Slurpee I impulsively grabbed a bag of Nibs. Mmmmm. That delicious, low fat, fruity flavoured (and therefore not altogether bad for me) licorice was most enjoyable. As I contemplated the wonder that licorice is during my drive - I had a lot of time -and compared it to the alternatives. Chocolate is always a favorite but can be quite messy, especially if some happens to drop on your seat, then you get it all over your can imagine. Ice cream is not much better, plus it is awkward to eat. Fruit is yummy, but if you aren't able to cut it up ahead of time, there is always the issue of the core, or pits or peel. Granola bars and pretty much any decent carb will just leave a mess all over.
So, what is a girl with 1500 kilometers of driving ahead of her to do? By some Nibs. The good tasting, non-messy, somewhat healthy treat! Enjoy!