Saturday, July 19, 2008

Zucchini R Us

For the second year in a row, our garden is growing really well! We have three kinds of potatoes, two kinds of beets, beans, carrots, radishes, herbs and, of course, zucchini. Gardening experts recommend thinning out your zucchini plants to three. However, four of the seedlings were doing so well that I kept them all. As you can imagine, My garden looks beautiful with all the big green plants and the orange-yellow flowers that adorn the flourishing zucchini plants.

Today, one of the zucchinis was getting so big that I figured that I had better pick it. So using about one-eighth of the zucchini I was able to grate the required two cups for for a new recipe - Zucchini Brownies.

I see many zucchini recipes in the future - zucchini Parmesan, sauteed zucchini, almond zucchini cake, chocolate zucchini cake, zucchini loaf, orange zucchini bread, orange chocolate zucchini cake, zucchini muffins, etc., etc. I am hoping to make many friends and neighbours beneficiaries of my bountiful zucchini plants. Some may receive baked goods while others will have the opportunity to have whole zucchini's of their own.

Be sure to check back for a selection of the best of the recipes!