Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ghosts of Roommates Past

Tonight, my wonderful hubby and I had a chance to go out for dinner to celebrate the birthday of one of my fabulous former roommates. I haven't seen this girl in years but when we met with a bear hug it was as if the time passed was nothing. I was reminded of how much I totally loved living with this girl. She was so kind and fun with a ready smile and laugh - the kind of person who always made you feel good about yourself.

That got me thinking about the places I've lived and the roommates I've had. From the time I moved to Alberta in 1998 until we got married in 2006 I lived in seven places - apartments, townhouses, houses and even a summer in a mobile home! Between those seven places I had over 20 roommates. Lest you think that I was so difficult to live with that I drove them all away, let me explain that some of the places were shared with two, three, four or five roommates. Six girls, four bedrooms and two bathrooms is not always fun! However, rent and less than $150 a month was a pretty good thing for a student : )

Some roommates I lived with for as little as a couple of months and others were roommates for years. Some people I lived with more than once and at different times in different places.

As I think about those years, there were definitely some very fun times! I really enjoyed almost all of the roommates I had and am still friends with the majority of them : )

I learned so much from my roommates and I love all of the memories. All the same, I'm glad to have a permanent roommate now.

To all of you former roommates that read this - I love you! Feel free to share your memories (but only if they make me look good!)