Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good Friends (warning: mushy thoughts below)

Sometimes people close to you just know when you need a phone call, e-mail or hug. And sometimes the don't : ) It doesn't seem to matter if you see them every day, every year or even less.

I am blessed to have good friends - when we are together we can laugh, joke, rant, and talk about the important and not so important things. Some are friends for sharing stories, discussing politics or religion, trading books, learing new recipes or share dessert. I love that I have friends who are a lot like me and friends who are very different from me. I learn from them all and I think they help me to be a better, smarter, kinder, more talented, well-rounded etc. person.

Mostly, it is great to know that my friends will read these somewhat cheesy words and will try not to tease me too much about it.