Monday, July 14, 2008

Becoming home

We have apparently reached the stage in our lives where we have become consumed by home renovations. It's all we think about, it's all we talk about and it seems to be where we spend all of our money.

Hours upon hours are spent choosing paint colours, looking at carpet samples, and considering all of the toilet options. I think that all of our date nights in the past couple of months have been to home improvement stores. Oh yes, we make get around - Totem, Rona, Home Depot - we equally share our time and money : )

At any rate, we are finishing the basement and doing minor renos to the main floor of the house. All of the credit has to go to my wonderful hubby who seems to be able to do anything. As for me, I pick the colours.


Camille said...

Hey, I'm excited to read your blog from now on! When we get our house I expect some good tips! You have such a handy husband though- that's got to be great! Not that Willie isn't but I have an inkling that yours is a tad more.